My brother told me that some bunch of guys from instagram are collecting money for school bag of some children and if i would like to donate. Of course why not right? Then he tells me, they are giving away the bag on Saturday, let’s join them and take something for the kids.
So we did.
We went there. I had no idea about Ktm drive. I just thought it was some bunch of random people doing good deeds.
Then I met shika, chiring and one more guy (sorry i missed your name), and they told us about what they do , what they have done, which is amazing.
But What I liked the most was the way shika handles the kid and the elderly. The event was to take the kids of Chahari to meet the elderly. And before leaving for the elderly home she told the kids “When you grow up, remember, do as much good as you can, help as much as you can”.
That was the best part. Probably the best teaching one can give to children too.
Thanks for making me a part of it.