Age of wisdom::*



The other day we had a trip to the old age home, as we held the 29th event of THE KTM DRIVE. We were seven members as we went to the Ni Sahaya Seva Kendra situated in Tinkune. We had conducted an event the previous year where we spent a little time with the elderly and served them with ice-cream, juices and biscuits and we wanted to carry on the same activities this year too. Since it was a Saturday, there was a blood donation campaign being held. Steve, one of our members donated blood, and with that he did save a life, or could be many!!

As we got talking to the aged lot, we saw similar faces and they smiled. It was a sight to see as we entered because we hardly expected them to remember us. As we went closer to them they recalled how we treated them with ice-cream the last time. Since it was a hot sunny day, we agreed on the same and complimented that with biscuits and fruits. As we put the ice-cream on cones and served them, they relished every bite of it. The look in their faces were so ecstatic and they were keeping the cones aside for those friends of theirs which were not present. That gesture was lovely. Most of them were talking to each other, some were resting and the other lot was making lights for prayers.


It made us think that if we were responsible children there would be no need of an old age home EVER. The 10376135_10152618586850813_778333925758996808_nthought vanished from our mind when we saw those wrinkled faces smile as they  greeted us modestly and gave magical blessings. They looked really happy  but we could see a question on their faces which  remains unanswered. I am not trying to reason it all but seriously to think about it why would adults act heartless and send their parents to an old age home. We got to know before leaving about their stories which was disheartening. Their circumstances of what happened and where they belong and how did they end up in the old age home. We  could not question as we saw their daughters and relatives coming for a meet. It was surprising on how they spoke to their kids normally, that’s when we realized what an unconditional love of parent is. Some children fund their parents every month by sending money to the organization. When are the literate ones going to understand that it is all about the time and care and not about the money.


There was an old lady who sat quietly in the corner and kept looking at us and observing what was happening. She asked us where we came from and told us to visit sooner.We were so touched as we were strangers to them and the little happiness we could give them by spending some time was the best part of our day. All of us felt weird in our hearts the feeling which cannot be expressed.

We have become really busy with our life style as we hardly have time for our family these days. We have no right to apart ourselves from our folks and call ourselves a good child if we cannot nurture and take care of the people who have been with us and pampered us throughout.