Angry Note:*

As we were proud on completing the 26th event at THE KTM DRIVE, we got amazing responses from people around us, volunteers were happy and content with the cause, the crowd visiting were pleased that we were conducting such events and making an actual difference in lives of many. They were amused as they heard that we were an unregistered organization and professionals who have come together for a common reason. How we keep our Saturdays free for these eventful activities which includes working on various areas.

If we have to summarize the events at THE KTM DRIVE, it is pretty simple. We have carried five Rucksack Projects, where we collected anything used and old, lying extra in the closets, from old clothes, shoes, to things which could be useful for the people living in streets. As we categorized the lot after collecting them, we made bags and covered one area of the town and gave it to the needy. During winters, we handed gloves, cap and woolen socks in the streets of Basantpur. We gave healthy kits to the kids and taught them about the basics of sanitation as one of our projects. We were really happy when we could collect funds for a kid who could not continue her higher studies because of her financial hardship.

During the plantation season, we have events in school, as we plant saplings with kids and teach them why green is important and we need more of it. We have covered five schools till date. We make groups and they decide a name for their plant, and once they plant the sapling given on our direction, the responsibilities of nurturing, watering and taking care are on the kids. We give free tree saplings to the citizens, as we coordinate with different malls and arrange for an area where we can spread the message: – Grow and Multiply. We want people not to focus on free saplings, but buying more from the nearby nursery and planting them.

Even if one cannot spare time, and be a part of the event, we welcome ideas for further events. Since we are monitoring all our works, especially on plantation, there is a school, which did not take care of the plants after the enthusiastic kids planted them. It is surprising and disheartening to see such results. It is more shattering to get no reaction from the citizens who take the plants. As we follow up and ask them about the growth of the sapling and sending a picture to us, it is demoralizing to see them not bothering and careless.

It is amusing to notice the activeness in a person when they visit us and happily take the imagessapling and forget about the accountability once they reach home. People need to learn to be responsible. There is a certain level of expectation that we have from the greeners whom we give out saplings to, because this drive is for all of us, it is for making the place we live in a greener one. We are doing our bit by getting the sapling, arranging a place, coordinating for the event and spreading awareness, you need to do yours!!

  • Tshering Tamang

    There was this read aloud feature in a news website I once visited. Fast Read reminds me of that feature. 🙂