And they formed a family away from their own families:*

The feeling after each event at KTM Drive is so different; one has to attend these events to get to know what I am talking about. Each member of the event feels content and there is an inner satisfaction which is beyond description. We do miss our regular members on each event, especially, who are not able to attend and have settled outside Nepal, but I am sure they miss the events even more.


Last Saturday was our 75th event wherein we went to the old age home at Tinkune named Ni Sahaya Seva Sadan. We have been doing several events there like giving out bed sheets, winter socks, caps, gloves to the elderly but the best ones have always been Ice cream treat. We always wait for summers for this event as the elderly enjoy it the most. All of them have fun eating the ice cream and finishing the last bite on their cone.



On this event too, we took Samosa’s, ice cream, juice and biscuits for Aama’s and Bua’s. Since it was a Saturday, they were basking in the sun and making the most of the lazy summer day. Many of them had their relatives who were visiting them. As I saw them happily talking to their daughter and sons, it hit me again to see the unconditional love that parents have for their children. It is heart-wrenching to hear their stories and how children admit their parents to old age home. The bond between parents and children is so strong and strange that however ugly the situation is, parents spend time with their kids without any questions asked. This was exactly what was happening at the old age home.



Ni sahaya seva sadan has around 55 aamas and buwas living in a three storey building. IMG_20160625_124146
Each one of them have a different persona, some of them are chatty while some of them are quiet. They are usually busy making battis which reached to an average of 1000 per day. All of them are really sweet and they look out for one another. One of the Aama’s speaks fluent English and loves conversing and telling us stories and the other duo who are my favorite keep teasing each other like kids. It is so much fun spending time with them.


They are adorable and all of them stay together as a family away from their families. Each one of them gave their blessings to us as we promised them to come back soon. I could not believe that it was the 75th event of ours and we have been conducting these drives since four years. It feels like yesterday that we came up with the idea of giving out free tree saplings and we are really proud of where we are at this stage. We are at a point wherein we are sponsoring kids for their education, have worked with many organizations and spent time with the naughtiest lot with their innocent smiles. We believe it’s about giving the society, and the best way to do it is by giving our time.



– Shikha

*Sometimes what you are looking for comes when you are not looking at all*

We had been spending each Saturday with The Ktm Drive since January of this year, with different events. We wanted to increase the number of activities compared to last year which involved us every weekend. The best parts of the events were not just spreading smiles and happiness but people from different areas meeting each other on a platform with the same purpose.It has always been nice to be seeing people connect with each other. There are times when we realize how small the town is when everyone knows everybody around! This is what happens mostly with our new members.

So, this Saturday, after long I was chilling at home in the weekend. Since there was no KTM Drive event planned for the day, I felt restless. There was something missing on my two day holidays. Since the drives had been a practice the day felt unusual. This thought of mine reminded me of the time when we were suppose to give gifts to certain kids at Kanti Bal hospital whom we had promised on Christmas. We asked the kids suffering from cancer about their wishes and the one thing that they wanted . We got them those on 25th December, 2015 and celebrated Christmas with them . There were some extra kids on that day and our gifts got over really quickly. We assured them that we would be back with the presents soon. We thought today would be the perfect day to execute this.

We had collected all the gifts but with the hectic schedule of each one of ours, we could not visit the hospital. Finally, we went to meet the kids . To our surprise, the wards were filled with new kids and we could hardly meet the children from the last time. We figured that families leave for their respective villages after the kids chemo session is finished. We gave out wishes of the kids who were present and had demanded the last time. We also surprised new patients with gifts. They were amazed to be receiving a present. The smile on the kid’s face was unforgettable, specially whom we gifted a toy aero plane. There is a charm when one’s wishes are fulfilled, but it goes to a different level when it isn’t expected. As we walked out of the hospital with a smile, we knew that our day ended perfectly. This is the magic of The Ktm Drive on its members.


  • Shikha

Our member’s thoughts, all in words~

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about  our last event. In all that time, we’ve been to different places to help out those in need. Old-Age homes, Children’s Hospital, Disabled Rehabilitation Centers, Earthquake affected areas and streets of Kathmandu. From the faces of the children of Dhuseni, Kavre which was one of the places that got hit badly by earthquakes where we distributed blankets to the faces of the mothers of the Old-Age homes where we distributed rations and some clothes, the smiles upon those faces is what keeps us going, the smiles fuel The Ktm Drive.


Well, this time, we went to Bangalamukhi, Mangalbazar and Batuk Bhairav scanning for people who are in need of clothes. This was our 69th Rucksack project. Bangalamukhi was the place where we first started our Rucksack project. If you don’t know what a Rucksack project is, it’s an event conducted by us where we prepare a bag that contains some clothes, foods and other useful items just like a rucksack and give them to people who are living on the streets and could use a little help to brighten up their day a little.

Shikha and Surbhi were already at Bangalamukhi, I was running a little late, luckily, Nimesh found me right in front of the Patan gate. Then, the four of us set out to put the plan in motion after briefly talking about it.

I, Nimesh and Surbhi went around the temple looking for people who could use some clothes and food while Shikha IMG_20160409_094328stayed back with the rucksacks. Most people there were just to visit Goddess Bangalamukhi and pray to her and lots of priests were inside the temple’s vicinity conducting various worshiping rituals for many people. The neighborhood around looked pretty badly hit by the earthquake as most of the houses were pretty old. Lots of cracked buildings and some had no walls and were abandoned. But, the temple looked pretty fine. There were a couple of old ladies, an old man and a couple of women with kids. We went to the women and offered her some clothes fit herself and her kids and some food to go along with. She accepted them happily so did the other woman. Then, we reached out with some saris and clothes that we thought she might like and some food. She and her friend accepted them happily. Then, we went on to the man in the corner behind the temple. He was in dirty clothes and definitely could use some clean clothes. He accepted the clothes and told us that he would change the clothes later in private. He had a cup of tea beside him and we have him a few packs of biscuits and asked his name. His name is Krishna Bahadur Lama and he was from Ramkot. A teardrop rolled down his cheek as he said there was no one in his life, he was all alone in this world with no home. It turned out that he was yet another victim of the earthquake. We gave him some more biscuits and told him to stay strong and positive. No one really knows what the future has in store for them.


After Krishna dai, we went around Mangal Bazar on the lookout for more people but we found no one who could use IMG_20160409_103815
some help over there. Then, we headed towards the Batuk Bhairav temple. We found an old couple at the door of the temple, Bishnu and Laxmi. We gave them few clothes and some food. They told us that they also had children and we gave them some more clothes for their children. We asked them about their life, what they do for the living etc. Bishnu works as a porter and said that there is no work these days, it’s hard to find jobs so he and his wife begs at the temple. His wife is weak and can’t work like Bishnu. Bishnu has head full of silver hair but he looked surprisingly energetic for his age. We decided to end our event here and head back home when a girl (who looked like a boy because of the short hair, I guess) asked for clothes peeking above the wall from within the temple premises. We had already given clothes that would’ve fit her to the couple. Her name was Kusum, we gave her some biscuits and upon questioning found out she was one of the daughters of Bishnu and Laxmi.


Well, The event went pretty well, we gave out lots of clothes and foods. However, the image of Krishna Bahadur Lama from Bangalamukhi was a sad reminder for us that people who lost their homes and families are still helpless even though it’s already been a year since the big one. The authorities responsible for the rehabilitation of the victims seem to be silent these days and the world has already started to forget that Nepal was struck by a massive earthquake which claimed more than 8,000 lives.

First, of the many more to come:*

It was my first time with the “The KTM Drive” group (The Greeners) where we visited Chahari, an organization DSCN1447which has been helping girls in their education aged 4 to 14.  It was a freezing Saturday morning, and keeping this chilly season in mind, and the lack of socks, mufflers, and warm caps on them, we decided that we get the kids those warm items.

Apart from recollecting about what we got for the kids, I would want to note about how I personally felt having myself among the kids there.

We entered Chahari, all the little girls greeted us “Namaste”.  When I heard their greetings, I had a feeling similar to what I had experienced when we were welcomed by the locals at a medical camp in one of the badly earthquake stricken areas which was not far from Kathmandu. I am unable to describe the feeling but I saw hope and joy on having an extra bit of helping hand.

After a quick round of introductions, ‘Aashish Dai’, so as the kids called me, loosened up a bit and was comfortable DSCN1493being among the kids and his new Greener friends.  Playing and learning time began; my team mates were two kids Parbati and Yunisha, both hardly five years old,  gave me a tough time making them attentive to the task in hand – identifying and arranging alphabets and pictures. Since, Parbati was slightly older than Yunisha, it was relatively easier to get her focused in the game. Whereas, Yunisha’s mind wandered to the fun that the other teams seem to be having while our team was stuck with the boring alphabets learning game.  The kids were expecting it to be more fun, but I didn’t have much tricks up my sleeves at that moment. All three of us wanted the alphabet game to end soon, which I found funny in a way.  Lesson – kids and adults seem less interested in just identifying and arranging the alphabets in proper order. Soon, was the cupcake time.


While the kids were enjoying every bit of the cupcake on one hand and holding a pencil on the other,I somehow figured out that both of them like drawing. Then, the fun began.  Making imaginary scenarios, I asked them to give me things I needed. For instance, I said ‘jaado bhayo, gham tapnu mann lagyo’ (I want to bask in the sun), then they would sketch a Sun for me, ‘ghumna jaanu mann lagyo’ (I want to roam around), then they would sketch a bi-cycle for me. The kids were laughing and enjoying every bit of my folly and I thought what more could I have wished for than watching the kids laugh and be happy. That was one of the most rewarding experiences for me. More games with other kids and the performances they showed us made me realize that the kids at Chahari are being groomed pretty well, just that they could use added resources.


I vividly remember the time spent with the kids there, typically Parbati who I believe had a good time laughing at my stupid jokes. Three hours passed so quickly and I wished I could have done more. Nevertheless, I feel virtuous about my first of the many more to come, with The Greeners.

  • Aashish

~Counting the blessings~

We were going to the old age home after a long time, for our 63rd event.  While I share our story about visiting the elderly, I feel that everyone knows the old age home which is situated next to the Pashupati premises whereas people hardly know the others. Ni sahaya seva sadan and the other old age homes require equal help when it comes to giving and helping out.


The art of giving is not only about giving materials at the organization, it is more about spending time and listening to their stories and experiences. As we reached Ni Sahaya Seva Sadan in Tinkune, we waited for the rest of the members to gather. The need of the organization was bed sheets for the elderly and that’s what we had got for them. We also bought oranges, ladoo’s and biscuits.


The meeting of the management was being conducted as we settled ourselves inside the building. We managed the bed sheets in pairs while an aama helped us fold them. We asked them if they remembered us and the ice cream treat. Some of them nodded and said a big yes while some of them had no idea about the events we had held past months. It wasn’t surprising for us as we had been visiting them once every four months, which was a long time to keep in mind.



Many loved the color of their bed sheets at the first go, and many wanted to change it and pick another one by their choice. All of them gave us blessings on being successful and added that we do not suffer from any diseases. Most of them pointed out time and again on how the situation becomes when the body is unhealthy.


“He listens to us ever day, we were wanting bed sheets and here, we got them” This is what one of the Aamas told us making us the messengers sent for them. Aamas were sharing their experiences with usIMG_20160116_133802 and most of them were making battis. They said they prepared 1000 pieces in a day if they worked continuously. Each one of them were doing different activities, one was applying mehndi to her hair while the other one was knitting. Many of them were basking in the sun. There were two aamas sitting on the floor who were teasing each other. It all started when one of them who suffered from Parkinson’s shook and all her food items shifted to the other aama.




Aama’s had real life incidents to say, they wanted someone to hear their journeys which was worth a million, the sound of their laughter was a bliss to hear to,their age, the wrinkles which indicated smiles. The smiles in their faces made me wonder on why their children would keep them far from them. I had no answers to my feelings which were getting weak but the amount of magical blessings that we received was unimaginable.