Do it for them and for you too:*

As you walk along the dusty and muddy streets of Kathmandu, you see lots of animals and people starving, without food and shelter. There are so many who have been deprived of small things in life. There are many who are always in a rush, going to school, college, office, or friendly gatherings, spending  money on unnecessary things. It is so strange how they don’t think of giving a pack of biscuit to a hungry person sleeping on the road. The fortunate ones who have it all are complaining about how they don’t own a  fancy gadget or compare their belongings with friends.
We are individuals who are aware about happenings. We tweet, post status about “world environment day”, “world health day” and the list continues. There are not many who take an action in the real world and  make a difference. As its said, all it takes is one step and a moment to do something  courageous. The smile on the face of  strangers, the love and loyalty  from the animals  cheer you even when you have had a bad day.You will always be a hero and inspire many . I hardly remember any  dates on celebrating the days as the belief is continuous. It has to be everyday, in every act.
You need not plan an event to do something good, rather you got to make it a part of your life, help where you can and how you can. If you are someone that has no time to reach out to people, and is always in rush, take some time especially for social activity, do that  twice a month and make the most out of it. Encourage people for doing good, help them in anyway you can. The act of giving is for everyone related and for your inner happiness.
There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to change someone’s life. It is never to late to start something good. If you need a reason to do something, do it for all the helpless creatures and people out there and above all do it for yourself.