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We aren’t only looking forward for you to attend our events and be a part of it, but we would love if you would give in some creative idea for the drives.  It could be any such thought through which we could help the society as well as the greener events. Different kinds of plantation events, various projects like the RUCKSACK PROJECT, Bakery treat, zoo trip with the kids, celebrating festivities by flying kites with differently able kids and more were conducted in the year 2014.  We conduct events twice a month on Saturdays.

We are focusing on changing the attitude of the mass as we believe that the small differences creates a huge impact. You need not be working in a social organization or a NGO for the act of giving. You can help people around in whichever way and not get busy with your schedules that you forget the blessings of Mother Nature.  The donation need not be huge, it could be a pack of biscuit to the  man who has not eaten anything since the morning, or a pair of cloth which is lying on your closet since ages and you have no idea it exists.

With the plantation events, we are not only planting trees, but getting kids /citizens connected with the green and how they should be buying saplings and filling the empty spaces with trees which is the need of the hour.

Also, spread the word around about the events, about the page, so we can create more buzz and inspire more people.

Give to cause

We invite you to our drives. If you are unable to do so and want to help, we will help you be a part of our awesomeness
You can help us get more stuffs for the events by depositing some amount in any of these account. Please do leave in a message after you do the same and we will confirm the receipt!!

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All Right, I have donated. What now?
Thank you for your contribution. Please leave us a message by filling the form below. We will email you once we've confirmed the transaction.

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A little of motivation and willingness is what is required to spread smiles all around. Help us get conencted to the people who are willing reach us