*Movie Show at Chahari*

The day had already come to execute the idea that we had come up with in the past week. The plan

IMG_20151128_133217was to organize a movie show at Chahaari for the kids living there. We had done an event a few months ago with the kids there and we had sponsored a few kids for education too. I had the movies ready with me and Shikha and Nimesh were getting the projector, laptop and the speakers ready. I was running a little late as I had to finish some urgent work that day and Shikha and Nimesh were already there when I reached there.

They were chatting with the kids and the kids were drawing on papers and scribbling whatever they liked. Some new faces were added to the group while some old faces had been transferred to different facilities. The kids recognized me and the trick that I had shown them last time. They remembered the rubbery pencil trick by Mani as well. IMG-20151128-WA0007We gave the trick I showed last time a go again. It was funny to see all the kids try to twist their hands, folding it outside-in and touch the sides of their noses with their index fingers and unfold their hands while the fingers keep touching the respective sides. It sounds very complicated when I read what I’ve just written but actually it’s quite simple. Well, some kids managed to pull it off while some kept trying, wondering how it was possible.
Then, we asked the kids to write a wish at the back of the paper after they finished drawing on it. We noticed that some of them were writing with very tiny pencils and it looked very difficult to IMG_20151129_101235write with them. Upon inquiry, we found out that the kids used to take the pencils to the school and leave them there for some reasons unknown. The youngest amongst the kids were Unisha, Manisha, Dharti and a couple of more kids who were quite shy this time. The eldest was Kaushilaa and then Dhan Pura. Angel and a few others were the new additions to the family. Kaushilaa is a little weak with her studies. I had noticed that even while drawing and scribbling on paper, she had tried to finish it in hurry and made spelling errors so, I thought may be this habit of hers might be the reason behind the low scores in the test. Therefore, I suggested her to stay calm and write carefully. Sometimes less is more so, focus on getting the answers correct first then focus on attempting them all. I don’t know if this is a good suggestion to give but personally I do believe that it’s better to do less and good rather that doing a lot but not so good.
The kids were done with their drawings. Most of them drew houses and people and flowers and birds etc. Kaushilaa had written some poems on hers and Dhan Pura had done a beautiful, colorful psychedelic intertwined circles. All the small kids had written pencil as their wish while some kids had wished for story books and color books. We already had pencils with us so that wish of theirs was fulfilled immediately. We chatted with them for a while asking the little ones if they wanted something else other than pencils as they already had pencils with them now. They seemed content with what they had and gave no answers to that question.
Then, it was time for some fun. Last time, they were watching an Indian cartoon series called “MotuIMG_20151128_132814 aur Patlu” on Cartoon Network while we were here. This time, the TV was sent to be repaired and they had not watched anything for quite a while now. Therefore, everyone was excited and ready and patiently sat on the benches. We had to make a slight adjustment to the plan due to the uncertain loadshedding schedule. The lights went off when we least expected it so, instead of using the projector now we had to rely on our laptop. Thankfully, the crowd is not so big and everyone could watch it on laptop easily.
We showed them an episode of the Meena cartoon series by UNICEF. Everyone loved it. We talked about the episode and how Meethu, the parrot helped Meena to save a life. Then, we served the kids with some delicious snacks along with a sweet and sour dish of “Marinated Vogatay”. Vogatay is the Nepali name of the fruit, need to find out the English name of it. And, when the kids were done eating, we were ready with an episode of a very old cartoon tv show, “Tom and Jerry”. Personally, I think today’s shows don’t live up to such quality. And, toady’s kids shouldn’t miss out on shows like these and old Disney movies too.
After the episode of Tom and Jerry, we talked about the episode and what happened in the show, how Tom was trying to Jerry and how Jerry managed to teach Tom a lesson. It was already starting to get dark. And, now the time had come for us to bid goodbye. We asked the kids if they wanted to watch some more cartoons. The elder ones said that they had some home-works to do so they were done for the day. With a promise to be back soon with more fun activities to do we bid them adieu.
Ritima and Mani were missed. They were here for our previous event at Chahaari. Unisha and IMG-20150405-WA0008Manisha, I can’t remember which was the one that was attached to Ritima last time. Both of them looked like twins this time. It was hard to separate one from another.
After some photos with the kids, we decided to head back to our homes. Shikha and Nimesh took off to take care of the appliances as I caught a bus to Baluwatar. There were a line of protestors sitting outside the PM quarter on empty gas cylinders hitting on it with a steel plate when I reached Baluwatar. A result of fuel shortage due to blockade at the southern border of our country and our incompetent governement who hasn’t been able to solve the problem until now.
Anyways, All is well that ends well. Let’s stay positive.
– Tshering