Plant Gallery

It’s always good to see the saplings we gave away growing up 🙂

Mahendra Bhawan~
Shrubs planted by Pratima Bista, given on our 24th event ~
Planted by a greener, given out on the 2nd event
Shrubs plated with the kids at Mahendra Bhawan
Euro Kids, Tangal :)
Greener sending us the picture from their garden
Result of the saplings given, planted and taken care of :)
The school kids have watered it well at Mahendra Bhawan:)
The kids of class 1 at Euro kids, named the tree DORAEMON, HOW ADORABLE :)
Plant given on our 24th event at Civil mall ~
Plantation after Moksh Event
Planted by future Greener
Planting with the kids, Euro Kids 27th Drive
A sapling planted at Euro Kids

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