How it started:*

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It’s been a year since our events have started at The KTM Drive. It feels so nice when a small idea which was discussed at a coffee on a normal conversation turned out in actions. We had no idea how our events would turn out to be and what all can be done. One after the other we grew, our idea expanded, and we have completed twelve events till date.

We initially started with giving out free tree saplings at Civil Mall; we brought around 300 saplings and gave it out to people in free. Some were puzzled, some were amazed and there were just a few of them who approached us and wanted to know more about it. Why were we doing it?? And how could they be a part of the drive the next time?? Are we environmental students?? Are we doing it for some project?? And our answer would be really simple – It’s for the dust that we are facing all around the valley, it’s for the black smoke because of which we cannot walk without a mask and it’s for the greenery around us and a small contribution to our side to the Mother Earth who has given us in abundance. When we finished our first event we realized that there were people who would want to take ten saplings at once, there were some who were really reluctant on holding the small saplings. Our basic motto was not finishing off all the saplings by giving out in free; it was more of creating awareness all around so that responsible citizens would make their surroundings greener. I bet if we gave out saplings with pots, people would love that they are getting it in free. I still remember an oldie coming to us and telling us on charging at least Rs.10 for the plants as nothing is valued when there is no price for it. We thought over it, and we learnt as it was out first event.

And then there was no stopping us – We planted in schools, with kids at Montessori, NGO’s, hospitals. Each drive has been amazing. It’s just about the thoughts and when it comes to reality- the happiness cannot be measured. We have plantation events when it’s the season, and except that we have had activities where we collected clothes and gave it out to people who actually need it – at the streets and roads. We went to Aishwarya children home and spent the whole day with the kids- playing, dancing with them. Each trip has been memorable. The best part about these events is just not plantation or a cause but it teaches so many things, getting it all done in a team work, young enthusiast, a little of competition among the green activist, and loads of love and care for each other and definitely spreading the message of taking some out from the busy schedule to the lovely part of the world.

We are not a registered organization, but the way we have been approaching people for the events at their premises, they have appreciated and the kids have had a wonderful time, and for us it’s an eventful day. And the social networking media has helped us quite a bit on coordinating with our events and groups with the members being from different fraternity – some are engineers, chartered accountants, management students – professionals and students. We give out the dates and whoever can make it comes for the event. You can get your friends, cousins –the  more the merrier. You can check our page at and also be a part of our group.  And till date The KTM Drive has planted around 700 saplings around the K-town.