The Rucksack Project V at THE KTM DRIVE :*

We have conducted 4 rucksacks till date at THE KTM DRIVE, but this time it was a different experience. It was unlike the others because we had street kids helping us in the drive. We were 8 of us in total, three kids who joined us while we sorted clothes around the Basantpur area. There was learning on both sides and two very interesting incidents occurred.

As we gave juices and biscuits to the kids on the streets, we taught them the correct way to dispose plastic, not to throw the wrappers on the floor but to use dustbins. Some children did not agree and were littering around. So we made a deal with them, we gave them another can of juice if they threw the waste where they were supposed to and how kids are, they agreed immediately.  There was this particular boy who was very stubborn and did not stop bullying others. We tried to make him understand and calm him down. Since the change was not a day process; it got us thinking on what will the kid’s future be? Would the other kids be inspired by him and want to be the “bullying one” as that would be the cooler quotient? Who would the other kids look up to; for a role model in their lives? Are the schools they are going to creating an impact in terms of their habits, discipline?



With all the thoughts in mind, we met this other street kid, who recognized us. We1471797_10153481934340398_1570621516_n
had given new pair of socks and gloves to kids and people on the streets the previous year around the same area. It was a perfect event during winter chills.  This kid was one of them and wanted to give out rucksacks with us. We welcomed him to the group and his friend joined along. These kids went around the area to check how many rucksacks we would need and how many people were feeling cold. They came along and one of the best sights to see was the smile on their faces as they gave clothes to the needy. As innocent as the kids are they kept asking if the people on the streets needed warmers. One of the most surprising moments was when we offered this kid a juice to drink, he replied: – “Give it to others; I will drink at last, if it remains”. An IMG_20141213_112636614eight year old street kid saying that touched our heart and it gave us a different outlook on life. He was selfless as he came along and enjoyed the event.

We went to the temples around New Road area to give the remaining rucksacks, and we decided to never give away clothes in that area, because they already had ample of it. So the next event is going to be collection of blankets, warmers, shawls, mufflers, gloves and caps. We will be leaving early morning on one of the Saturdays and ride around K-town to give them to the people on streets.





One of the most amusing thing that we find is many people talk about charity, donation and are giving to the society, but when it comes to the real act, they are very passive!! We are glad that THE KTM DRIVE has given an opportunity to each one of us, to be a part of the good cause with no strings attached! It has also been a medium for sponsors to connect to places where the funds would be best utilized.

A little on THE KTM DRIVE:)

About the KTM Drive

KTM Drive is a concept. It’s an initiative started by a group of friends with a common motive – to make Kathmandu a better place. We are all working individuals, professionals who have come together by forming a group.

Following are some of the activities which we have been doing on weekends:


Giving our free saplings at public places

Tree plantation at schools, hospitals

Visiting orphanages, spending time with the kids and donating food materials

Providing free stationeries to needy schools

Sponsoring education of selected underprivileged but deserving student

Taking underprivileged kids for an outing

Taking part in blood donation campaigns

Celebrating festivals such as Dashain and Tihar with the underpriviledged kids

Providing assistance to disabled rehabilitation homes and old age homes

Giving warm clothes to needy people on the street

Visiting schools to spread awareness about environment and greenery

The best part of KTMDrive is that we are not registered as an NGO. Hence we do not have any overheads. All the funds collected from various sources are all used up to fund our events.

We have been successful in conducting 35 events so far.

If you would like to be a part of the KTM Drive or would like to contribute in anyway to our causes or if you have comments or suggestions for us, then you can write to or directly talk to Shikha on 9813899277 or Sachin on 985117034

Different ways to be in touch with us:

Together we can !

– Sachin

KTM Drive: ‘GIVE’ For a Change

IMG_20140927_155648 (1)As Dashain comes by, all we think/ can think off are the things we would do, shop or even how we would be celebrating it. Dashain for me as never been about giving others the happiness they deserve, cause, I’ve always had it in my mind, that, everyone would be enjoying Dashain eventually. There was no effort needed, or an initiative to make things better.

This time, for a change, we thought about those in need, those who did know what Dashain is all about but had barely experienced it. And, after today, I can happily say, that it brings in immense pleasure and satisfaction to see a smile or to bring a smile on someone else’s face.

Located in Gokarna, Disability NewLife Center, caters/ host about a number of children who are differently able. We, the member of KTM Drive, made an effort to celebrate Dashain with them. For a change, the target was to bring a smile on their face, to show them what Dashain is all about, be it momentarily, the smile that echoes through them, is simply priceless!

My thoughts were simple, anyone can throw in a bunch of money and things can be called a charity (no offence, least they are doing something than nothing) but giving your time, your support to a being, in being a better being, is different. What I understood was, I can never walk in their shoe, till I find myself in such situation, but I did try to hold their hand, talk to them, made an effort to connect, and the reactions were amazing. Its true when they say, you need no language to shower love, the joy in their eyes, their scream as the kites took off the ground was simply  priceless..

KTM Drive, is a initiative done by the people for the people, with no obligation, but a choice to do something to make a difference, today, we IMG_20140927_155750went to DNC, and spent some quality time with the kids. I don’t really remember when was the last time I flew a kite, but I’ll definitely remember this time, when I gave the time, trying to fly the kites with those little bundle of joy, who seeks nth more than love…  and for this very reason, I’d like to thank KTM Drive for letting me be a part of it.

Of all the moments I cherished today, I can still feel the warmth they held, the screams and the laughter, the joy that we brought to them. Off everything else, I’d hope, I can continue being a part of it, continue giving happiness, be it in small things… at times.. it matters….

p.s. No one is ever too busy, it’s how you prioritize your priority…  the greatest of all gift would definitely be time, least of what we did today, I’d like to stick by it…

– Subhashini Shrestha 🙂

The 25th Event :: Another Eco Drive :*


July 12th marked our silver jubilee of events, it was hosted in City Center with the same theme “Grow and Multiply”. We organized our stall exactly outside the main gate, with banners and tree saplings. We got a balloon for decoration, from a nearby balloon vendor which added more attention to our table. All of us love each event and since we are all child at heart, we were setting the corner allotted to us with all the enthusiasm. We got our t-shirt printed, and on this day we wore for the first time with great pride and big smile.

The event went ahead very smoothly, with many  inquires from people of different field. We were more than happy to give them information on how it all started, why we do it and how we do it. People started taking the saplings and also contributed some amount of money for the cause. This event we had small kids who communicated with us, and it was a great pleasure to see youth taking an interest in making a cleaner and greener world. Some took  saplings with promise to plant it immediately after reaching their houses and mail us a photo once the work was done.

BscH4_6CcAA3tA_ (1)

There is always a variety of crowd coming for the saplings, from kids to retired elders to business man, to college guys and this time we met students of B.Sc Forestry (Trishna & Ravi), who gave us valuable suggestions and information about the plants and the trees. They told us about what plants are suitable in Kathmandu and how we need to protect it. We would like to thank them for sharing their knowledge and motivating us to carry our events further. We were so engaged, as there was a huge crowd gathering and we barely had time to relax. In the end we gave more than 50 saplings, and contributed 50 trees in the town. We also had some buyers for our t-shirt, which held the message “A sack full of Happiness”.Indeed wearing the tee and conducting the drives  gives us and everyone involved a sack of happiness by the end of the day!!


All in all it was quite a successful event and a great way to mark the 25th Drive. We learned and shared many new things .We believe that’s how the world should be, learning and sharing each day for the betterment. It’s always a great feeling to go home with a smile but it is the best to reach home after bringing smiles to many . Doing good requires no second thought and if you want to join us for our next event and be part of ktmDrive, you are always welcome.

The Eco Drive~

*No Green no Life, Know Green Know Life*


Our 24th event started off  at Civil Mall on 21st June, 2014 with the message “Grow and Multiply”. This day was special for us, as it was our 2nd year anniversary. It’s amazing to see how a small idea had grown into hearts of  many  and we were and are growing each day. So many ideas and different drives has gotten where we are today.  Indeed one step  can make a difference to build a better and greener world.

For this day, we planned the same event as our first KTM Drive event that is distributing free tree saplings. We set ourselves infront of Himalayan Java at Civil mall, with  banners and different types of saplings with lots of excitement and energy. We had six different tree saplings that we distributed. People came and asked if we were selling them, and they wanted to inquire why we were doing this, some even came and asked where could they find pizzas. We surely did not look like the information center but we sure had people asking us about the shops and information about the stores.

They were amazed and happy to know that the saplings were distributed for free, and we were doing it to build a greener and cleaner Kathmandu. This time we set up a donation box to collect money for our future events, and people were happy to donate for the cause. The event mostly attracted the elderly people, and some small kids but the youth did not participate.  Our main motive was not just giving away the free saplings but also creating awareness among people and making them feel responsible towards the environment, which we felt was as important as planting trees. We wanted  people who took the saplings, to not only plant but also feel  responsible  to multiply it. Indeed if you “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

This was also the day our website was launched to the public and we had lots of visits and feed backs. We also released our Android App so that people can get updated about our events easily and also get the required information on fingertips. The day ended with all smiles and satisfaction with the successful completion of our 24th event, as we are getting bigger and better after each event . We continue to do our bit for the environment and people. We would love if you join us for the future drives and contribute in anyway you can.