Celebrating the festivity our way :*


Before I start writing about how amazing and fun the 30th event of THE KTM DRIVE was, let me thank each and every one of you who have been a part of it directly or indirectly. THE KTM DRIVE was just an idea and it would have ended in first two drives if our members were not participating actively in it. We have come so far and made each drive successful and it is all because of the effort, time and thoughts given by you. THE KTM DRIVE is made by each one of us and there goes a huge gratitude note to everyone on making what it is today.

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It takes a huge attempt to attend events on Saturdays and the act of giving is not easy as it sounds.  Handling the kids of kindergarten and junior classes during plantation events, convincing people why green is needed and we need to multiply it, searching for sponsors for the education of a high school girl, giving winter gloves and socks in the street by finding the ones who actually need it and persuading them to take it, providing rucksacks to the people on street outside temples has been a tough task. Thanking each and every one of you for the support and initiation.


Coming back to the 30th event, it was one of our best events as we celebrated Dashain with the differently able kids. As the idea was given in by one of our members, we managed to get one of our Saturdays free and visit the Disabled Newlife Center at Gokarna. We dropped by at the Disability Rehabilitation Center to see how the place was and get an idea of the supplies they wanted and then headed to DNC. We reached there around 3 in the afternoon which was the perfect time to fly kites as the weather was clear and the air was breezy. As we got the kids to chose their groups and start the competition on whose kites would go further and higher, they were super excited. The smile, laughter and fun could be felt and seen in their eyes. The girls waited for their turn as the boys were standing in a group hooting and clapping.


As most of the kids had gone back home for a holiday, there were around 15 kids at the center. We played, ate, spoke to the kids and treated them with ice-cream. It was a fun filled and joyous day for them as they celebrated the festivity with us. It was one of the best events as we added sack full of happiness in their lives and ours too.  Majority of us flew kites after ages and making this event a win-win situation for each one of us.



The KTM DRIVE had gathered and got together strangers and individuals from different field to celebrate and make merry as a family. – Shikha:)