~Sack full of happiness ~

As we all know the motto of The KTM Drive has always been spreading happiness and smiles around with each of our event and least monetary spending. We have been loving the fun events for more than two years now. Since the accounts are transparent we have been collecting sponsorship since six months for our drives and it has always been an overwhelming response by our greeners. Thank you all for that ~

Since we are reaching the 50th event in no time, we were thinking of doing something huge and for that we will need help from each one of you. We are thinking of sponsoring 8 kids in total for this semester!! Deepa Rai, Sabina, 2 kids from Disable Rehabilitation Center, 4 kids from Chahari !! These children are sponsored by Jyoti, Prayash, Madhav, Puranjoy, Pratipal, Priya, Siddheshwar, respectively!! We are still looking out for sponsors for 3 kids at Chahari, their annual tuition fees is Rs.15000 including stationery, uniform.

We are sure that with collective efforts we would be able to provide education to these 3 kids too ~ On that note spread the word around and let us know if anyone wants to contribute for the cause and a very Happy New Year 2072 ~







– Shikha

A sack full of happiness:*


24 events, 2 years, Saturdays which were full of spreading smiles and getting magical blessings. It all started from giving out free tree saplings, plantation drives in school and hospitals, the Rucksack Project in the streets of K-town, visiting old age homes and orphanages, giving out gloves and socks in the winter cold, each event had been an amazing drive ~ To everyone who has helped build The KTM Drive into what it is today — HAPPY 2nd!! Our site www.ktmdrive.com is ready to keep you posted about the events and what we are all about ~

Next 3 events are set and it’s all going to be plantation drives as we are getting on with the month of July. The 25th Event is going to be exactly how we started KTM DRIVE by giving out tree saplings ( It wouldn’t be free this time and we would love the contribution by people , the money which will be collected for our further programmes) .The event is at City Centre from 11 in the morning on a Saturday on 12 July 2014.

The idea of the event is to make people responsible towards the place that they stay in, chestnut-tree-old-lyme-connecticutbuy saplings and plant them in open spaces they can take care of and spread the word. We give out saplings that they can plant and we would love if they take an initiative to make such changes. Giving to the society and Mother Nature shouldn’t be a choice, to see the beautiful Earth we dream of. With the road construction which has been going on since two years, there have been thousands who have been suffering from respiratory problems. Since we can’t do much about pollution and dust around the town, this is very important.

This plantation event is forth of its kind, and what we have experienced is it caters only   elderly people. They have been people of different walks of life wanting to know why are we conducting such an event, and their inquisitiveness to know more encourages us. They have appreciated the idea, wanting to volunteer with us and in love with what we are doing as an unregistered organization with group of professionals. It is weird how the youngsters do not show any interest. The town would be such a greener place if the youth would come together and do these small events. The strangest bit is their reaction and how they are shy to hold the saplings and talk about the environment which is the need of the hour. It is quite disheartening to see the bunch carry their busy lives and tedious schedules and walk their own path and not care about what’s happening around.

We need to realize that we and the coming generation are the ones who will be suffering from severe climate change. The weather is already on the extremes, and in no time there might be such a drastic transformation and we would be too late to do anything. You need not be an environmentalist to be a part of the green; you need not be a philanthropist for the act of giving, you need not wait for the days to celebrate earth or environment, you just need to be humane and not lose out the generous side of yours.