Project III & IV:: The act of giving

With our first project we learnt a lot and we sent the supplies with one of our member who was working at the ward at Sindhupalchowk with his team. It was good to get their reports and feedback on what was happening. Just when we had stopped going to the field ourselves, we had a conversation with one of the helpers working at my place. He told us the situation of his family members and village. It was heartbreaking to know that relief had not reached yet. We inquired more about the village and got the supplies arranged from Helping Hands for 30 families.

The village of Dhuseni was not that far, a drive of two and a half hours made us reach IMG_20150503_132929_HDRthere as we crossed the landmarks at Panchkhal and 50 kilo. The off road drive was adventurous but at the same time we entered an area which was badly affected with the earthquake. We could see the landslide which had occurred and the narrower road made it more challenging for us to reach. We carried sacks of rice, chuira, juices, thepla and detergent packets. We also had masks and tents with us.



received_10152836410671700As we reached our destination, we were introduced to the master and other people of theIMG_20150503_233035
village. They told us that they would divide the quantity of supplies among the families equally. Each member of the family stood in line as we gave out kilograms of chuira and rice. We observed didi’s taking the rice on the piece of cloth they were wearing. They put forward the sides of saree, salwar, while kids collected on their shirts. The distribution took a long time as we added the left supplies in their share.


IMG_20150503_154631_HDRAs we got done with giving out all the food materials we went to see the place they IMG_20150503_161803_HDRwere staying at. The houses had collapsed and the ones which were not destroyed completely had cracks. The families were staying at the temporary tents. In a situation like this they offered us coffee and fresh curd. This made us realize once again how warm- hearted and loving we are. The view from the village looked spectacular. As we bid goodbye we IMG_20150510_112958_BURST1IMG_20150503_155820_HDRcrossed a house where everything had come down. It was Jyamdi village. A man had lost his life and the houses for seven families were down. Many livestock were buried inside and the place smelled differently. We could not help them as we had already given all the supplies, but we told them that we would be back soon and spread the word around if anyone else wanted to give relief materials.


The night when we got back home, it started drizzling and I could imagine how the people IMG_20150503_162346_HDRwe met were living. They did not have tents and everything that they had built was damaged. The school books, scientific calculator and bags which were scattered around were the only remains that were left. They were sleeping under the open sky and the rains made it worse. This thought made us go the place again on the weekend.




We purchased tents, rice, chuira, pulses for the people at Jyamdi. As our jeep was carrying more than 500 IMG_20150510_100240_HDRkilograms of supplies, the tyres got punctured on our way. As we changed the tyres quickly after taking all the sacks outside, we head to Jyamdi area. We gave out tents to the people who had not gotten yet. We were directed to the other wards by the teacher who was a wise man and made sure the supplies were going to the neediest. As we crossed the wards, we were informed that there were organizations that had gotten supplies during the week. The people in the wards wanted us to give out supplies to the others who had gotten no relief. They were satisfied with what they had received.


IMG_20150510_115435_HDRAs we checked each ward, we reached the hilltop at an area named Rampur. We analyzed the needs there, which were for 140 families, but we had materials for 30. As we were deciding on giving out the materials, two trucks with relief materials reached from another organization. We were happy as they had supplies for the whole area. As we drove down, we gave out our supplies to particular families in the nine wards at Jyamdi VDC. We stopped at a school at Deurali named Shree Bagdevi Uccha Mavisha which was destroyed completely. It was sad to see the school in such a condition. The locals asked if we could help rebuild the school. We left some tents for the school as we assured them we would try our best by spreading the word.


The amazing bit was when people were letting us know whose family needed tents. We assumed that it would be really hard to control the crowd with the supplies but our experience was totally different. Their houses had been destroyed but their hearts were surely not.




– Shikha

The Rucksack Project V at THE KTM DRIVE :*

We have conducted 4 rucksacks till date at THE KTM DRIVE, but this time it was a different experience. It was unlike the others because we had street kids helping us in the drive. We were 8 of us in total, three kids who joined us while we sorted clothes around the Basantpur area. There was learning on both sides and two very interesting incidents occurred.

As we gave juices and biscuits to the kids on the streets, we taught them the correct way to dispose plastic, not to throw the wrappers on the floor but to use dustbins. Some children did not agree and were littering around. So we made a deal with them, we gave them another can of juice if they threw the waste where they were supposed to and how kids are, they agreed immediately.  There was this particular boy who was very stubborn and did not stop bullying others. We tried to make him understand and calm him down. Since the change was not a day process; it got us thinking on what will the kid’s future be? Would the other kids be inspired by him and want to be the “bullying one” as that would be the cooler quotient? Who would the other kids look up to; for a role model in their lives? Are the schools they are going to creating an impact in terms of their habits, discipline?



With all the thoughts in mind, we met this other street kid, who recognized us. We1471797_10153481934340398_1570621516_n
had given new pair of socks and gloves to kids and people on the streets the previous year around the same area. It was a perfect event during winter chills.  This kid was one of them and wanted to give out rucksacks with us. We welcomed him to the group and his friend joined along. These kids went around the area to check how many rucksacks we would need and how many people were feeling cold. They came along and one of the best sights to see was the smile on their faces as they gave clothes to the needy. As innocent as the kids are they kept asking if the people on the streets needed warmers. One of the most surprising moments was when we offered this kid a juice to drink, he replied: – “Give it to others; I will drink at last, if it remains”. An IMG_20141213_112636614eight year old street kid saying that touched our heart and it gave us a different outlook on life. He was selfless as he came along and enjoyed the event.

We went to the temples around New Road area to give the remaining rucksacks, and we decided to never give away clothes in that area, because they already had ample of it. So the next event is going to be collection of blankets, warmers, shawls, mufflers, gloves and caps. We will be leaving early morning on one of the Saturdays and ride around K-town to give them to the people on streets.





One of the most amusing thing that we find is many people talk about charity, donation and are giving to the society, but when it comes to the real act, they are very passive!! We are glad that THE KTM DRIVE has given an opportunity to each one of us, to be a part of the good cause with no strings attached! It has also been a medium for sponsors to connect to places where the funds would be best utilized.


We had been planning for this project since a month and when it happened successfully on 19th Oct, 2013, we loved the experience and we were really happy that the little efforts could make hundreds smile around. We had given in clothes to the needy on the streets as our last event, but this time it was different. We were preparing rucksacks (a bag/ slinger) and including things from a pair of clothes, sweater, winter caps, jackets, warmers, gloves, wallet, socks, and food to eat and a juice to drink. That was the whole plan and all would depend on what all got collected!!

We were sure that it would be a fun event and by the end we would be so satisfied and the blessings and the day would be imprinted in our hearts. It’s just not a drive of giving away old clothes, its being inspired and making others learn, so they could do what they can for the ones who need it. As we got enthused from THE RUCKSACK PROJECT- BRISTOL UK, we believe that some will surely get motivated through our acts. You know what the best part is when you let the person know who encouraged you. It makes the event all the more powerful.

How did we start and what happened at THE FIRST RUCKSACK PROJECT:

We started with preparing bags and the prettiest was the baby bag – It had the cutest warm clothes, inner and set of socks and cap for the baby. We collected as many bags and apart from that we prepared cloth bags. We had 10 bags ready – some for oldies, some for women of thirties, some were for children.

We started riding around the K-town as we were targeting to give in to the people who are on the streets without homes. We met quite a few of homeless people especially outside the temples. Started our day with Jawlakhel, we went to Banglamukhi temple and then crossed Baneshwore, on our way to Pashupatinath and finally to Ganesh temple at Kamladi and the last was the temple at New Road.

20131019_133938On the roads we met couples sitting and waiting for someone to arrive and give them something, there were elderly ones too and this old lady shared in her story of how her daughter left her. There was a boy who must be in his teenage and he had no idea what was happening when we gave him the stuff. He was wearing tattered clothes and was just lying down. We gave him a sweater; he was expressionless and did not say a word so we thought what should be the next step. We gave him food and a pair of clothes and left the place. He kept looking at us but was quiet. And his silence said it all.

The best one was when these 5 kids were wandering on the road all by themselves, we called them and asked them if they wanted clothes, and naughtily each of them said yes. The tracks and warmers fit them so well and they could not stop posing. And how can I forget they actually knew that the clothes were huge or small for them and asked if they could exchange. They were about 6-7 years of age and after wearing the clothes the smile on their faces was beyond joy. I can’t imagine how delighted their parents are going to be when they get back home.

There were incidents where we gave out our rucksacks to people who asked for it people who were already working on the streets. Initially we were apprehensive but then: By the end it’s all for a good cause. 50 bags given out to homeless people this winters!! So are u coming for the next RUCKSACK ?