All of us have dreams, some come true and some do not, some are huge while some are small. These are aspirations; some are short lived and could change with time whereas some stay in our hearts until fulfilled. One such dream was to start Teach with KTM Drive. After a long wait, the dream is happening and the pilot project after 100 events at The KTM Drive is rolling strong.

The idea of starting something similar to Teach with KTM Drive was in my mind since a decade. I wanted to start teaching the underprivileged since then.  When I was volunteering with a close friend at TEACH INDIA, in Pune, we would go every Sunday and spend an hour with the slum kids. These kids would go to school but that one-hour on the weekend, was their time with us for activities and helping them with their homework. Many people from different stages of life were a part of volunteering. It was nice to see people wanting to be a part of giving and this was the best platform. An hour a week was perfect for someone who wanted to take time out from his or her busy schedule and be around the kids.

Since we had been conducting many events at Chahari, a social organization in Baneshwore, we thought it would be the best place to start this project. There are 15 girls, aged 4 to 12 who stay here. We spread the word and revolved the concept through our social media. We started with the same idea, wherein any professional/ student/ homemaker/ elderly could spend an hour in a week with the kids. They had to choose what they would be teaching them and the day that they were free for an hour. We were looking for a level of commitment so the 4 hours in a month that they give; the kids learn something substantial from them.

They help the kids with their schoolwork and teach subjects which school does not cover. We have our members who visit the kids and help them to develop their personality, make them visualize through storytelling, teach them regular discipline for their everyday life. Each of them specializes in one topic or the other and an hour for them goes quickly. The kids keep waiting at the gate and looking through the fences until we are outside the lane after their classes.

The kids love seeing us and wait for us to come while many members wait for their day to meet, teach the kids. This has surely created a space and different level of connect that our members have with the kids and they have themselves learnt a lot from these innocent children. I feel it is the purest form of giving.

Each one of us want to give, each one of us want to share, and there is never a right time.

Each one of us are so busy in our everyday schedules, to take an hour out, is so prime.

Think about the smiles; think about the happiness, this is the only phase,

An hour in a week is nothing as compared to their love and innocent face.

Thank you all #teachwithktmdrive members for making this dream a reality