The Kids Are Alright~

Our surprise visit to Disabled Newlife Center on July 9th with Saedi Works marked the 75th event of KTM Drive. It was our 5th/6th visit to DNC and the afternoon was an exciting and exuberant day, working with the 30 kids making DIY products.


The kids weren’t expecting anything for the afternoon when we presented ourselves with bundles of colourful chart papers, magazines, colours, stickers and glue. The kids were excited to start working with the paper craft events planned for the day that they wanted to have ice-cream that we had brought for them only after we’d finished with the plans for the day. We got started by dividing the children into groups and explained the activities for the day.





The children were more than happy to get started with making bookmarks, collage frames, paper bags and emoticon faces. It was a happy environment with everyone bringing out their artistic sideIMG_1781 with the organisers and children enthralled on trying to create something exquisite out of the available resources. It was nothing but some old magazines and stationary items that we took to the place but we came out with works of art; something full of meaning with their  expression of words and a reflection of a merry world in their drawings.



It was a cheerful moment those few hours at DNC when the children share smiles through out the afternoon and it felt like we were playing in the tables. The children were all frank, disciplined and we felt welcomed to share the jolly moments with them. The purpose of the paper craft program that day was no other than to have fun and we had it in tonnes. The four tables in the common room in which we worked on were full of colourful bits of paper. We came out some very decent collage frame, creative bookmarks and paper bags. Finally, everyone made big emoticon faces and clicked many pictures to remember the moment. We were all overwhelmed in the enthusiastic moment as we all had a refreshing afternoon.








The day concluded with the ice-cream session and we were all triumphant to have had a productive afternoon. We’re always looking for new places and ways to invest our time and share a smile, and we will surely come to this joyful place with bigger plans. 🙂