The Eco Drive~

*No Green no Life, Know Green Know Life*


Our 24th event started off  at Civil Mall on 21st June, 2014 with the message “Grow and Multiply”. This day was special for us, as it was our 2nd year anniversary. It’s amazing to see how a small idea had grown into hearts of  many  and we were and are growing each day. So many ideas and different drives has gotten where we are today.  Indeed one step  can make a difference to build a better and greener world.

For this day, we planned the same event as our first KTM Drive event that is distributing free tree saplings. We set ourselves infront of Himalayan Java at Civil mall, with  banners and different types of saplings with lots of excitement and energy. We had six different tree saplings that we distributed. People came and asked if we were selling them, and they wanted to inquire why we were doing this, some even came and asked where could they find pizzas. We surely did not look like the information center but we sure had people asking us about the shops and information about the stores.

They were amazed and happy to know that the saplings were distributed for free, and we were doing it to build a greener and cleaner Kathmandu. This time we set up a donation box to collect money for our future events, and people were happy to donate for the cause. The event mostly attracted the elderly people, and some small kids but the youth did not participate.  Our main motive was not just giving away the free saplings but also creating awareness among people and making them feel responsible towards the environment, which we felt was as important as planting trees. We wanted  people who took the saplings, to not only plant but also feel  responsible  to multiply it. Indeed if you “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

This was also the day our website was launched to the public and we had lots of visits and feed backs. We also released our Android App so that people can get updated about our events easily and also get the required information on fingertips. The day ended with all smiles and satisfaction with the successful completion of our 24th event, as we are getting bigger and better after each event . We continue to do our bit for the environment and people. We would love if you join us for the future drives and contribute in anyway you can.