Who are we?

We are all working individuals , professionals who have come together by forming a group. We are working in social fronts – events at old age home, orphanages, street kids , differently capable kids and also for a Greener Kathmandu by conducting various plantation events at schools, giving out free tree saplings to the public by distributing them in malls and making our city the best place to live . We have started THE RUCKSACK PROJECT (KTM) and till date 4 projects have been held. We believe in the slogan ” CLIMATE CHANGE IS NO FAIRY TALE, ACTION WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE”


Feel free to call us on these numbers if you have more queries or if you would want to know more about us:-

Nimesh +977 985-1209346

Surbhi +9779808215089

Tshering +977 980-3784478


Email – info@ktmdrive.com

The Members


Write to us about anything, we'd love to hear from you